Bible Questions


During the evening service at Holy Trinity I have been answering Bible questions. Last year the congregation spent reading Matthew’s gospel in church (during the week and after services) from a copy that was especially printed out for this purpose with large margins. Everyone was encouraged to add questions and remarks. Last Sunday I dealt with questions from chapter 10-13. There were some real good ones:

Matthew 11:20: Might there also be repentant people in those cities? What are Jesus’ criteria for judgement?

Matthew 11:30:  Jesus’ yoke is allegedly easy, but doesn’t this seem in contrast with 10:34, taking up cross and possible problems in all important close/family relations?

Matthew 12:7: Is this a quote from the well-known passage in Micah that speaks about practicing mercy and walking humbly with thy God?

Matthew 12:32: Why is there no mention of the Father in the passage about the sin against the Holy Spirit?

Matthew 12:42: What was so evil about this generation that they deserved this judgement?

Matthew 12:46-50: How does this agree with Christian family values?

Matthew 13:8:  Are there different degrees of success in godliness? How is this measured, by numbers of good deeds?

Matthew 13:13 Did Jesus deliberately sent people to “outer darkness” by preaching in parables?

It should be helpful for people all over the world, we all tend to have similar questions, if I’d spent some time answering these and other questions on my blog. So you may be looking forward to some posts answering the above, because this is still fresh in my memory. Afterwards I hope to deal with earlier questions and subsequently also the remainder of Matthew.

If you have any insights to share, please let me know through the comments form on my website:




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