The world upside down


As I grew up during the Cold War it was the free Christian West over and against atheist Russia and to some degree also China. We read books about little Iwan and Pjotr being persecuted at school and their parents in society because they said and did ‘normal’ Christian things.

Now the world has turned upside down. Western universities that were started and funded by churches are these days no longer allowed to promote Christianity. Wishing someone a merry, let alone a happy Christmas is not legitimate in one’s Huxlian professional role. Even the word holiday is not politically correct enough for many of these producers of real and present Orwellian nightmares.

In America, president Obama made sure that aid organisations that uphold Catholic or conservative Protestant ethics are no longer entitled to government subsidies. Only his liberal friends who endorse his agenda are. He also made sure that Christian businesses who don’t want to compromise their values and surrender to a ruthless ‘gender’-agenda are being litigated into oblivion. The remnant of Christian laws in the southern states of the USA has been gradually dismantled over the past two decades.

As I grew up, Moscow was the embodiment of evil and SS20 rockets and inter-ballistic missiles were aimed at our cities. Now we live in a world where senator Richard Black from Virginia, and more recently also the premier of Turkey, have confirmed that the US have been supporting and indirectly creating ISIS and related groups ever since Libia and Egypt. Thus opening the floodgates for massive radical Islamic migration into Europa, by ‘removing’ Gaddafi and destabilizing Syria and the wider region.

How refreshing is it to see that things can change for the better as well. These days Moscow is talking Christian values:

Hopefully, the new Gregorian year will bring the Western world back to its roots as well.


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